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Owner of Sniper's Hide online, graduated the USMC Scout Sniper School at Stone's Bay in 1986.  Deployed as part of the 24th MAU (SOC) participating in Operations Earnest Will & Praying Mantis.

Works as a contract instructor as well as having competed in many tactical matches across the country.  Sniper' s Hide currently hosts two Tactical Competitions a year, the Sniper's Hide Cup and the Shooter's Bash.

I continually seek outside training and methods to improve my skills. The more tools I can add to the toolbox the better.

Areas of Expertise: Tactical shooting.

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Robert Gradous working

Robert Gradous Gunsmithing Class 2011

Being a fan of Rock music there was always talk of a “musicians – musician” the Steve Vai / Dream Theater types who others musicians talk about with great respect. Well in the world of precision rifles, we have the same thing. Guys people have heard…

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How To Use Milliradian-Adjustable Scopes

Telescopic sights adjustable at the Milliradian level have become common in recent years. The experts at examine these new optics in detail and explain how to use them. Over the last 2 years we have seen a big increase in the number of scopes…

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Review: SWFA SSHD 5-20x Tactical Scope

SWFA SS HD 5-20x Mil Adjusted Scope SWFA is an online retailer, as well a brick & mortar shop out of Red Oak, Texas.  Several years ago they purchased the Super Sniper line of scopes, and since that time they have been moving forward refining this optic…

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