Steve Douglas

Steve Douglas

I am professional competitive catfish tournament angler from the state of Kentucky, competing across the U.S. in the Cabelas King Kat Pro series tournament trail, ranking, 2nd in the nation among my peers for two consecutive years in a row.

As the sport grows, so does the desire from new anglers to obtain qualified information for better catch results! Over the years I has enjoyed helping many anglers improve their catch rate, and don't mind to share what I have learned over the years of competing on the national trails.

I am the owner and operator of American Pro Catters and Monster Rod Holders. I run several websites and blogs that are fishing and outdoors related.

Areas of Expertise: Trophy catfishing throughout the US, professional catfish tournament angling, conservation

Sponsors: Monster Rod Holders, Mustad, TWC Rods,

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Circle hooks for catfishing

The Perfect Circle: Circle Hooks for Catfishing

Circle hooks are becoming increasingly popular in the world of catfishing but their usage is still widely misunderstood. When you look at a circle hook, your first thought may be “how’s that going to hook a catfish?” The sharp tip is pointed backwards towards the…

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Catfishing Baits

Baits, Rigs and Methods for Winter Blue Catfishing

Bait The best bait to use for trophy winter time blue catfish is cut bait. Big baits equal big catfish. Use shad, skip jack herring, sunfish-bluegills, suckers and chub minnows. The best bait size for blue catfish really depends on how big the fish grow…

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Author with a catfish

Three Sure-Fire Places to Find Winter Blue Catfish

In the winter months, catfish will spend most of their time where the conditions are most favorable for them. Locations throughout the river or lake system that will provide some sort of thermal relief from the extreme temperatures are the key to finding trophy blue…

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