Steve Griffin

Steve Griffin
Emerging from the University of Michigan with a bachelors degree in English, I was pleasantly diverted, from the law school experience I had planned, into outdoor writing. From that first published piece in 1975 I have been a full-time freelance writer and photographer, with work appearing in Michigan newspapers; state, regional and national outdoor magazines; and eight books I either authored or co-authored -- four of them co-written with my daughter while she was in early elementary school. My work has consistently received state, regional and national awards, although I remain far more interested in my next project than any past one.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting, fishing, boating, paddlesports, camping, conservation, nature

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A pair of pike well over Michigan's 24-inch minimum.

Pike Through the Ice: One Michigan Family’s Tradition

Many Michigan anglers are versatile, multi-season, multi-species generalists. Not so much, members of the Fillmore family. “We were raised on a farm,” said my friend Don Fillmore, who now lives in Coleman but was raised in rural Hope. “There wasn’t time to fish in the…

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A hare hunter listens to a beagle's barking for clues to a chase's progress.

The Pursuit: A Primer on Michigan Snowshoe Hare Hunting

If there’s an animal that’s an emblem of Michigan winter, it might be the hare. Varying hare, snowshoe hare, call it what you want. Just don’t call it a rabbit, they’re different species despite their similarity–hare are born with fur and with their eyes open,…

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Cold weather can pay off with hot fishing action. This late-fall steelie came from the Manistee River.

Don’t Forego Fine Fall Fishing in Michigan

There was no reason for me to be envious. After all, we had an eight-point buck in the bed of the pickup, carried in the same little square-stern canoe from which I’d shot it on a float hunt. But still, the spawning-colored brown trout hanging…

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