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I'm a healthy mixture of equal parts geek and outdoorsman. During the week, I spend most of my time looking down a microscope in a biotech laboratory. But on the weekends, I spend all my time in passionate pursuit of outdoor sports, hunting, food, and firearms. I constantly strive to learn more and pride myself on my knowledge and desire to dive into new activities and hobbies.

My blog,, is dedicated to reviewing gear and informing people in a straight forward, no-BS manner.

I am also a Indian-born, vegetarian-raised Hindu. However, I'm a now-turned meat eater and have recently chosen to hunt. Talk about dichotomy. I began eating meat over 10 years ago and only recently decided to prove my convictions by hunting for my meat - becoming more in tune with where my meat comes from. I won an article writing contest judged by The Sportsman Channel titled "The Hindu Hunter" which delves into this decision.

Areas of Expertise: Fisher. Hiker. Hunter. Hindu. Giving you the skinny on what's good when it comes to outdoor gear.

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How To Protect Your Hiking Pack When Flying

Don’t ruin your sweet backpack when you need to check it in as luggage! I see so many people at airports that just dump their $300 pack on the scale at check-in and don’t even think twice. We all know that baggage handlers are not…

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A Quick and Dirty Daypack Buying Guide

A Quick and Dirty Daypack Buyer’s Guide

A friend of mine asked me the other day for some suggestions on a daypack, which got me thinking about them. Although I have two daypacks (EMS AquaDay and Black Diamond Covert) which I am fairly happy with at the moment, I am always considering…

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