Tennessee Outdoorsman

Tennessee Outdoorsman

Roger Bunch, a wildland firefighter age 42, is the owner of The Tennessee Outdoorsman he was raised in the rugged mountains of East Tennessee. Roger began hunting at the age of six and throughout the many years has gained a vast amount of knowledge on the outdoors. During his teenage years most of his time was spent in the Mountains surrounding his home either hunting or just exploring.

In his own words “I don't claim to be an expert, as many of us are still learning to this day but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to the outdoors.”

In his years he has hunted deer, wild hogs, turkey, coyote and every small game animal his region has to offer. He has lived it and learned the tricks, some well known while others not so well known. He has often found that some really strange techniques can often mean the difference between game on the table or game lost.

In 2005 Roger started his website The Tennessee Outdoorsman as a hobby. Since then it has grown into a passion with a purpose. Roger says “I want to share the outdoors experience with as many as possible and help educate others on every outdoors aspect that I can bring to them.”

The Tennessee Outdoorsman began shooting video in early 2011 and is currently hoping to one day soon be noticed and who knows, perhaps end up on one of the networks some day soon. They are just your average country boys with a dream and the desire to keep digging until they make it happen.

The Tennessee Outdoorsman is currently working with Mitch Smith Outdoors on an upcoming video release. They are currently sponsored by "Cass Creek Game Calls" and "Harmon Deer Scents" all of which are part of the "Altus Brand Products." Other sponsors include "The Mangler Fishing Lures" and "Custom Lures by Don Seiber"

In the words of the owner,

“This is in dedication to my four best friends in the world, I am the father of three fine young boys Mike age 15, Matthew age 5 and Markkus age 3 all of which are like dear old dad, they love and live the outdoors. Without those guys I wouldn't have the dedication I have. All that I do, I do for them. My other best friend, my father William. He worked hard making sure I had what I needed in life and to make sure I learned many of the things I know today. If I had to choose a hero, it would be my father”

Roger currently resides in Morgan County Tennessee and his goal is to promote outdoors education and conservation because as he says “those two together equal preservation. Preserving the outdoors heritage is our responsibility and we must preserve it for our future generation.”

Pay them a visit, join and start helping to educate and promote the outdoors. Together we will ensure that a way of life is preserved forever.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting -deer-wild hog-turkey-coyote, fishing, mushroom hunting, and survival tech

Sponsors: Cass Creek Game Calls, Harmon Deer Scents, Altus Brand Products, Mangler Fishing Lures

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