The Birdmen

The Birdmen
The Birdmen series represents a lifetime of chasing birds of all species and the deep lying traditions that encompass it. The Birdmen are handing down those traditions to our “future fowlers” on every hunt, taking kids from all walks of life on some hunting experiences of a lifetime. The Birdmen are teaching kids from the experienced to the first timer what it means to be a part of our great traditions of the outdoors. 

Areas of Expertise: Waterfowl, chukar and quail hunting

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You can see the point of impact with Spectra Shot. Image by Ryan Hill.

Review: Spectra Shot Steel Shotshells

As a die-hard waterfowler and shotgun junkie I have been through seemingly endless boxes and brands of steel shotshells over the years. When I was young, the change from lead to steel was still relatively new and companies were figuring out how to make a…

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finished mallard

Five Tips for a Successful Waterfowl Season

Denis Isbister and Dale Dyer of The Birdmen television series have hunted all across the country from Canada to Colorado and many places in between. There are a few key things that make these avid waterfowl hunters successful day in and day out when others…

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The new Webley & Scott 920J shotgun fits our Future Fowlers perfect.

Review: Webley & Scott 920J Over/Under Shotgun

The Birdmen started the season off chasing dove, pigeon and early-season honkers around the high desert of Oregon. This is an annual pilgrimage to hunt the resident geese and dove of southern Oregon but also a great way to get ready for the season ahead.…

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Hannah performing her duck calling routine during the Kittle's Outdoors & Sport CO. sponsored contest

A Duck Calling Event to Remember

When Kristy Santucci and Pat Kittle set out to create a pre-season waterfowl event for the small farm town of Colusa, California, they wanted something a little different from the norm. What they have put together in the last year was nothing short of that.…

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