The Dry-Rubbed Rat

The Dry-Rubbed Rat

Been a freelance writer since High School! Took the formula of success that worked so well over at the Desert Rat Blog and put it to work when I bought my first smoker! Now it's more than smoking! Just fun outdoor cooking stuff and lots of cool info. Born and raised in eastern Canada, then lived in northern Maine. I've been in Arizona nearly 15 years. I live in Queen Creek with my wife, daughter and a house full of dogs.

Areas of Expertise: Smoking, BBQ, Cooking, Reviews

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Uncle Joe's BBQ Sauce

Review: Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce: Awesome!

When chicken thighs or split breasts are on sale, I stock up on them so I can put them to work later on my reviews. I have reviewed sauce from Uncle Joe’s before, but I had some more to try and I had promised Sandy…

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