Rex Holmes, Jr.

Rex Holmes, Jr.

My grandfather instilled in me my great love for hunting and the outdoors, My love of fishing came from my father. At about age 5, I began hunting with my grandfather and fishing with my Dad. Through example and instruction, I was taught how to love and respect the outdoors and hunting. As a child I remember wanting to spend every waking minute in the woods or on the water. I remember vividly going squirrel hunting with my grandfather and uncle It was the first time I was using the Browning 12 gauge automatic my father had given me. My grandfather had only taken a few shots, but I used all my shell early. I realized it was going to be a long day for me. Without saying anything to me, my grandfather reached over took the Browning and handed me his 16 gauge with all his remaining shells. That moment made a huge impact on me and spoke volumes about my ! grandfather's character. In my adult life, I have been fortunate to work 6 months out of the year and hunt and fish 6 months out of the year in nearly every state in the U.S. My first love is just being outdoors and enjoying the great wonders of nature because it refreshes my spirit. My passion for hunting and fishing goes beyond just the experience. While I have been hunting and fishing for 50 years, it was just a few years ago in 2009 that I embarked upon the creation of several hunting related products. I launched my business Vapor Trail Scents LLC in time for the 2009 Buckmasters Expo. The Vapor Maker scent dispenser is our flagship product which I believe has the potential to revolutionize the way hunters, trappers, fishermen use scent. All animals survive and live because of scent, even humans. We believe nothing in the world even comes close to The Vapor Maker's ability to keep animals from detecting human scent. Our company also makes a line of all natural sce! nts, but any scent, scent killer, attractant or your own personal mixture can be used in The Vapor Maker. Our website is

Areas of Expertise: Bowhunting, proper use of scent, hunter education, hunting on public land, fishing

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Rex Holmes, Jr., (front) and Taxis River Guide Jamie Durling with Rex's bear.

Another Hunting First: 2012 Canada Bear Hunt

I can never remember not loving being outdoors. I began hunting and fishing with my father and grandfather around the age of five and over the past 50 years have developed a serious love for both hunting and fishing, perhaps giving hunting the slight edge…

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Rex Holmes, Jr. with two of his trophy bucks killed on public land.

Kentucky Outdoor Expo Announces Speakers, Leaders

Rex Holmes, CEO Vapor Trail Scent LLC will be one of the featured seminar leaders, August 18th at the South Central Kentucky Outdoor Expo. Holmes, a life-long outdoor enthusiast and hunter, is a noted authority on using and understanding scent. He is also the inventor…

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