Whitetail Properties

Whitetail Properties

Located in Pike County, lL., Whitetail Properties is an industry leader recreational real estate company. Whitetail Properties recruits and works with a select team of specialists of the most skilled, honest, and hard-working recreational and agricultural land experts in the country. Whitetail Properties utilizes the popular multi award winning show, Whitetail Properties TV, appearing on the Sportsman's Channel to showcase the benefits of owning recreational real estate.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting & Farm Land Specialist

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Whitetail Properties Puts Large Ranches in the Books

Whitetail Properties, the leader in recreational land transactions with specialties in hunting, ranch and farmland properties, is celebrating record book sales. Since its inception, Whitetail Properties has made a name as the go-to real estate agency for finding the perfect piece of property to establish as…

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when to shoot

Bow Hunting: When to Take Your Shot

When it comes to drawing back the bowstring and anchoring your pin on a mature buck’s vitals, there are many things that can cause your perfect setup to go awry. Most of what I know about shooting deer I’ve learned the hard and painful way.…

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Whitetail Properties Group Shot

Get to Know the Whitetail Properties Team: Part One

Whitetail Properties is an organization of land management specialists and expert hunters in business to help buy or sell hunting property or farm land mostly in the Midwest and southeast United States. Whitetail Properties TV was created to demonstrate to hunters and farmers how to manage their…

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Whitetail Properties Joins Outdoor Hub

Whitetail Properties is proud to join and be part of the Outdoor Hub network! If you are working hard to make your dream of owning your own hunting or farmland come true, then please seek out one of our Hunting & Farm Land Specialists in…

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