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Like many other deer hunters out there, I was introduced to the deer woods by my dad at a young age. The memories and pictures from those first trips to the public forests of northern Michigan are some of my fondest deer hunting memories to this day. Those early years spent with dad planted the seed that would later blossom into the love affair I have with deer hunting today.   As a 9 to 5'er during the week, a husband and a father of two I definitely know what it's like to read an article by one of the big name hunting personalities and think "yeah right...". While many of us love to sit and daydream about a life spent focused solely on deer hunting, our reality is much, much different.   Whitetail Weekly is for all those other average joe's out there that absolutely love deer hunting just like I do. I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe deer hunting year round but since I can't be out deer hunting all year I fill the “off season” with food plots, habitat work, scouting, shed hunting and running trail camera's.   The Whitetail Weekly blog was created to share our year round deer hunting lifestyle as we work to improve our hunting property and hopefully improving our hunting success along the way. The blog features some “how to” articles, product reviews, hunting stories both past and present as well as lots of trail camera pictures and reports from the field.

Areas of Expertise: Whitetail deer hunting, wildlife habitat work, food plotting, scouting, shed hunting, trail cameras

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The 2012 Michigan Deer Season Begins

Three…two…one…happy new year! Welcome to the 2012 Michigan deer season! It will have been 272 days from my last hunt when I take to the woods the morning of October 1st. If you are wondering, that is 6,528 hours or 391,680 minutes since I last…

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Last-minute Deer Season Preparations

Most of the year the sands of time seem to creep through the hourglass at a painfully slow pace as we work towards deer season. It seems as if the new season will never get here, it’s sometimes hard to believe we’ll ever take to…

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Therapeutic Hunting

As my feet hit the porch, I could tell right away it was going to be a good day. The air was cool and crisp, a sliver-shaped moon cast barely a hint of light over the dark morning and the crickets sang in harmony. As…

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Even after clearing the trail it's still difficult to spot in the thick cover.

Summer Food Plot Work

Once the trail cameras are set up and the buck pictures start rolling in, it can be really easy to get distracted from the rest of the work that needs to happen on the farm. Seeing those first few good bucks of the year is…

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