David Rainer

David Rainer

Public information manager and outdoor writer with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Currently first vice president of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association. Former outdoors editor of the Mobile (AL) Press-Register newspaper. I currently publish and weekly column that is posted at and is distributed to outdoors-related media throughout Alabama and nation. I also write feature articles for the Outdoor Alabama magazine.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting, fishing (freshwater and saltwater), wildlife and habitat conservation issues

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Jay Gunn holds a gator trout caught this summer near Fort Morgan that measured 30-1/2 inches.

Fishing for Alabama Gator Trout

One gator has dominated the outdoors coverage this summer and rightfully so. Mandy Stokes’ world record American alligator at 15 feet, nine inches is famous worldwide. However, a gator of another sort has surfaced along the Alabama Gulf Coast that has inshore fishermen excited. It’s…

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Team members are: (from left) Mandy Stokes, John Stokes, Parker Jenkins, Savannah Jenkins and Kevin Jenkins. The 15-foot gator weighed 1,011.5 pounds.

Alabama Native Recounts Catching Record Gator

At 5 p.m. on Friday, Mandy Stokes of Thomaston, Alabama, was a wife, mom, and assistant to Dr. Bill Bledsoe at the Camden Veterinary Clinic. Less than 24 hours later, Stokes was an instant, multi-national celebrity. Stokes admits she had no idea what she was…

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Although Linder held the big bass by one hand on the shore, it took two hands to pull the giant into the boat.

Branson Linder and His Largemouth Bass

This is a story about a big fish. But this one didn’t get away. It’s a woulda, coulda, shoulda tale of a largemouth bass, one of those that people deem a whopper, a jaw-dropper when they see the mount. Since 1987, Thomas Burgin’s 16-pound, eight-ounce…

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Large alligators, like this one sunning at Lake Eufaula, are not uncommon in south Alabama, but the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division has decided to reduce the number of alligator tags in the Southeast zone to ensure the population remains healthy.

Changes for Alabama’s 2014 Alligator Hunting Season

Alabama residents who have participated in the state’s alligator hunting seasons in the past will find several changes for the 2014 season. First, for the first eight years the season has been in existence, people could apply for an alligator tag as many times as…

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