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Updated 12/18/14 10:56pm
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The GhostSwimmer drone during testing at Fort Story, Virginia.

The US Navy’s New Aquatic Drone is a Cross Between a Tuna and a Shark

Weighing in at 100 pounds and measuring five feet long, a device dubbed the “GhostSwimmer” is the newest piece of technology in the US Navy’s arsenal. The “silent” aquatic drone is one of the first working prototypes in the Navy’s “Silent Nemo” program, a project named after the…

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Paul Rosolie, a wildlife author and conservationist, volunteered to be swallowed by an anaconda to draw attention to habitat loss in the amazon.

Viewers Disappointed ‘Eaten Alive’ Star was Not Consumed by Anaconda

It is not every day that TV audiences root for a man to be consumed alive by a massive anaconda, which was the subject of the much-anticipated Discovery special Eaten Alive starring conservationist Paul Rosolie. The two-hour documentary focused on Rosolie’s expedition to the Amazon rainforest…

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