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Updated 12/21/14 9:02pm
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A Penn State study found that deer are much more aware of rifle season than archery season, which is of course, exactly what bowhunters want.

Study: Deer React More to Firearms Season Than Archery Season

It has only been about two years since Pennsylvania State University researchers began fieldwork on their deer-forest study, but scientists are already drawing insights about the deer population in Pennsylvania’s Rothrock and Bald Eagle State Forests. The study is focused onthe movement of 40 collared deer,…

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Wolf hunting and trapping opportunities are now available to many outdoorsmen throughout the United States. One of Canada's most well-known trappers, Gordy Klassen, has extensive experience trapping the canines and shared some of his expertise with the author. Image copyright Getty Images/photofellow.

Wolf Trapping Tips from Canada’s Premier Trapper

Wolf hunting and trapping is now available to many outdoorsmen and women in the United States after years of prohibition. Expanding wolf populations have created new opportunities for hunters and trappers in states like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Sportsmen now hunger for information about how to…

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