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Updated 03/04/15 11:43am
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Stan Kreidermacher is the lucky hunter who nabbed this state record buck.

Video: 28-point “Mean Gene” Buck Confirmed as New Minnesota Muzzleloader Record

Over the weekend, Boone and Crockett measurers set to work on scoring Stan Kreidermacher’s massive 28-point buck, which he harvested late last year on the final day of Minnesota’s muzzleloader season. To little surprise, the rack ended up measuring an impressive 248 and 5/8 inches, displacing the…

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Two new bills contest a recent court decision to return the gray wolf to federal protections.

Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Protect Wolf Hunting in Great Lakes States, Wyoming

Congressional lawmakers from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Wyoming introduced two bills last week that would preserve the ability of state agencies to manage wolf populations. The bills are a direct response to a federal court ruling in December that returned wolves in the Great Lakes states to…

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