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Updated 11/23/14 8:08pm
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Experts say that it is likely the groundhog population in the United States is much higher than it was at the time European settlers first arrived in North America.

Two Chucks with One Stone: Controlling Groundhog Populations Make for Good Hunting Practice

Groundhogs do much more than predict each winter’s expiration date, they are also excellent burrowers and can move more than 5,000 pounds of dirt in digging a burrow. While this may have positive side effects for other subterranean animals, groundhog burrows can spell disaster for…

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Larysa Switlyk, star of Larysa Unleashed on NBC Sports, talks about her new show with Dan and Jeff on this week's Outdoors Radio.

This Week Outdoors Radio Talks to Larysa Unleashed, The Ruffed Grouse Society and Adams County Parks and Rec

This week, Dan Small Outdoors Radio features NBC Sports TV personality Larysa Switlyk, Ruffed Grouse Society director of conservation policy Dan Dessecker, Adams County parks director Fred Nickel and archery expert JC Chamberlin. Dan fishes Lake Michigan with Fishing Bug Charters of Racine. Larysa Switlyk,…

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