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Updated 02/27/15 12:54am
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FedEx told Defense Distributed's Cody Wilson that they will not be shipping his personal CNC mills.

FedEx Refuses to Ship Personal “Ghost Gunner” CNC Mill

3D-printing pioneer Cody Wilson wowed DIY enthusiasts and home gunsmiths alike last October when he unveiled a personal CNC mill that could complete 80 percent AR-15 lower receivers. Marketed for the comparatively low price of $1,200, the portable toaster-sized mill was named the “Ghost Gunner,” a jab at the…

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Although California's microstamping law took effect in the middle of 2013, no gun maker has yet made a firearm that complies with the provision.

California Gun Owners Hold Their Breath over Decision on Microstamping Law

Second Amendment advocates in California are eagerly awaiting a court decision that could overturn the state’s “microstamping” regulation, which went into effect in 2013. The recent request to overturn the provision came as the latest in an lengthy legal battle between the state and gun…

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