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Updated 09/18/14 5:44pm
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Since their creation, the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs have generated more than $15 billion for conservation projects. Thanks to high gun and ammo sales in 2013, this year's apportionment is the highest yet.

Strong Gun, Ammo Sales Benefit Wildlife as Firearms Industry Settles into “New Normal”

The firearms and ammunition industry is once again returning to normal after a busy and chaotic 2013. Manufacturers found themselves pressed by sky-high demand as customers stocked up on guns and ammo, causing visible shortages in items such as AR-15-style rifles and .22 LR ammo.…

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A ballot measure in Washington could mandate "transfers" for simply lending your gun to a friend at the range.

Hidden Pitfalls in Washington Ballot Measure Could Criminalize the Average Shooter

An upcoming ballot measure pushed by gun control groups and bankrolled by billionaires could turn gun owners and shooters into criminals in unexpected ways. The ballot initiative, I-594, an 18-page compilation of changes to Washington State’s firearms laws, could have widespread effects on every firearms…

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