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Updated 07/02/15 8:33am
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Canadian Rangers with Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifles, which may soon be replaced with Sako rifles.

Canadian Rangers Testing Sako Hunting Rifles to Replace Old Lee-Enfields

The Canadian Rangers have guarded their homeland’s northernmost reaches since before the Second World War. These dedicated volunteers, sometimes known as the Arctic Rangers, once protected North America’s most remote regions from possible invasion, and now they serve as the Canadian military’s foremost scouts, guides, and wilderness…

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Video: Jerry Miculek Rapid Fires Two M1 Carbines in Slow Motion

As one of the premier competitive shooters in the world, Jerry Miculek needs no introduction. Known for his quick trigger finger and unerring aim, Jerry currently holds five officially-sanctioned world records in revolver shooting and another 15 records with firearms ranging from semiautomatic pistols to rifles…

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