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Updated 04/19/14 7:58am
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Act Now! The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Webinar – TEMS Update: Future Trends and Lessons Learned

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) will be hosting a new webinar for NTOA members on a TEMS Update: Future Trends and Lessons Learned. Dr. Kevin Gerold, the NTOA TEMS Section Chair, will be discussing the recently revised NTOA TEMS Position Statement, which recognizes that police officers…

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Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid by Dr. James Hubbard.

Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid Imparts Important Medical Emergency Knowledge in Compact Book

Disasters dominate local, regional, national and international news stations these days, effectively heightening public awareness of the need to prepare for potential emergency situations. Dr. James Hubbard’s Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid is a complete guide to preparing for common medical disasters that aims…

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dark timber rattlesnake

Hunter Uses $10 Kit to Save His Life after Rattlesnake Bite

Alabama turkey hunter Chad Cross faced a terrifying situation last Sunday when a trek through the woods brought him facing a six-foot timber rattlesnake, one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes in North America. While experts attribute relatively mild behavior to the timber rattlesnake, it more than makes up for…

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