catfish 6-17-16

48-pound Kid vs. 45-pound Catfish

Six-year-old Noah weighs 48 pounds, and on June 15 he went toe-to-tail with a 45-pound blue catfish. Capt. Richard Simms from Scenic City Fishing Charters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, captured much of the battle on his smartphone, and even though the footage won’t win an Oscar,… More »

muskie strike 2 6-13-16

Video: Amazing Boat-Side Muskie Strike

Each year in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota, diehard muskie hunters take part in the annual Metro Muskie Tournament. This year, anglers could fish on one or more of 25 muskie lakes in the metro between the times of 6 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on… More »

How To
Catch and Release (Flickr, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) 6-10-16

Tips for Better Catch and Release

In order to maintain fishing as a sport for generations to come, we must take care in handling the fish we release. The lower the mortality rate when fish are caught and released, the more populations will continue to grow, providing both sporting enjoyment… More »

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Underwater Bass 6-9-16

Big Bass Want a Full Meal Deal

Big bass like big baits. You’ve heard or read this bit of fishing wisdom a million times – because it’s true. No doubt, traditional bass gear will catch fish day-in and day-out, and that’s not to say a super-size largemouth won’t touch an… More »