What makes a custom AR "custom?" And are all those features worth it?

Are Custom and Premium ARs Worth Their Price Tags?

Knee-jerk reactions are common in the firearms community. They may be the most common basis for the “opinions” of many shooters, from neophyte to expert. Often expressed with zero forethought, study, or even knowledge, they are prolific and hormonal. It’s the basis for… More »


Video: Huge Moose Shot at Close Range

Kristoffer Clausen is one of Norway’s most famous and dedicated hunters, and his experience is evident in this video. Faced with a moose just a few meters away, Clausen makes a calm and accurate shot that stops the huge animal in its tracks.

South Africa's largest airline reversed its controversial ban on hunting trophies after just three months.

South African Airways Lifts Ban on Hunting Trophies

Roughly three months after announcing a worldwide embargo on legally hunted trophies, South African Airways (SAA) announced last week that it has lifted its ban. SAA was one of several airlines that banned the transport of trophies earlier this year, including IAG Cargo, Emirates, and Lufthansa. Delta Airlines also… More »