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Yamaha Outdoors Tip of the Week: Longbeard or Jake

Yamaha Outdoors Tip_4.22.13

You’ve had a tough spring turkey hunting season so far. And then you get an opportunity—sort of.

A jake—one of those come-to-any-call juvenile male turkeys—rushes in the way they sometimes do, as a monster longbeard struts well out of range. You want the mature gobbler even though the 12-pounder is trying to get onto the barbecue grill and shape-shift into delicious turkey strips.

You spend so much time thinking about the turkey breast recipe, and the mature gobbler’s beard, spurs and fan you’d put on your wall, they both walk off.

Later in the week, after hearing a few shots in the area while scouting on your Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side, the same shortbeard runs to your calls. The longbeard is nowhere to be seen.

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Image courtesy Steve Hickoff

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