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Video: 5 Cheap, Unconventional Ways to Sharpen Your Knife

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The odds are that if you own a knife, you have already perused the different knife sharpeners out on the market today and probably balked at their prices. $150 for a Japanese water stone, or double that for a belt sharpener? Surely there has to be a better—and most importantly—cheaper alternative. Whether you use your knives for hunting, fishing, or bushcraft, you don’t exactly need an edge that can slice through atoms. All you need is something that will get the job done. So below are five inexpensive—practically free—methods of putting an edge on your knife without spending the big bucks.

1. Use a car window or glass

2. Use a ceramic cup

3. Go primitive, use a rock

4. Use wood reinforced with rock grit

5. Glue sandpaper to a block


Image courtesy Daniel Xu

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