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There are 50-million acres of public hunting land available to the whitetail hunter across the eastern two-thirds of the United States. This land is an important part of American hunting culture. State agencies have done a good job of acquiring it, but more needs to be done if hunter recruitment is to continue.

State Hunting Land Near You

I grew up in a family without hunters, so when I became a whitetail hunter at age 14, I was mostly on my own in learning how to hunt and finding a place to go. Fortunately, growing up in small town Iowa, access to hunting… More »

Maegan Weiler bear cropped 7-18-16

Blind Teen Tags Black Bear

Bagging a 300-pound black bear on your first shot is a pretty serious accomplishment for most hunters. It is even more impressive when you’re only 14 years old and happen to be blind. That’s right, Maegan Weiler, a freshman at West Valley High School, was… More »

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SW375, Setting up trail cameras for scouting, copyright Mark Kayser 6-30-16

Simple Yet Thorough Deer Scouting

Admit it: At some point while sitting in your deer stand, you’ve thought about how cool it would be to have the power to turn invisible. Think of all the mature bucks you’d see as you slip through the forest! Of course, such a power… More »