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Updated 02/28/15 3:17pm
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There are about 640 wolves in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, which are now currently no longer under the state's control.

Michigan DNR Fights Federal Court’s Wolf Protection Decision

On Friday, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that it filed an appeal in the December 2014 federal court ruling that returned the state’s wolf population back to the endangered species list. That decision, which was made by US District Judge Beryl Howell, came in response…

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The remains of this baby woolly rhino, nicknamed "Sasha" were excavated by Russian hunters.

Russian Hunters Discover 10,000-year-old Frozen Woolly Rhino in River

Paleontologists are calling a recent find in the Russian region of Yakutia a “sensation.” Last September, Aleksandr Banderov and his hunting party were traveling near the Semyulyakh River when they uncovered the preserved carcass of an adolescent wholly rhinoceros, a species that roamed the frozen landscapes of Europe…

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