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Updated 01/27/15 3:20am
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A massive 740-pound black bear captured and killed in Florida this month is the largest ever documented in the state. The bear in question is not pictured.

Florida Wildlife Officers Kill Heaviest Bear in State History

On Sunday, officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) euthanized the largest-documented black bear in the state’s history. According to The News-Press, the massive 740-pound male bear was captured days before while roaming through populated neighborhoods in Seminole County. He was even…

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Should hikers be restricted in their use of state game lands? PA's Game Commission shelved a plan to require non-hunters to get permits and to prohibit hiking except on Sunday.

Pennsylvania Shelves Controversial Plan to Restrict Hiking in State Game Lands

The Pennsylvania Game Commission announced last week that it has shelved a proposal that would restrict non-hunters from using state game lands during hunting seasons in fall and spring. According to the Game Commission, the proposal would have have restricted hiking to only Sundays while…

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