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MAC-10 Carbine Chambered in 5.7x28mm Hits the Market


Masterpiece Arms, manufacturer of popular semi-auto MPA MAC-10 variants, has seen enough success with their 5.7x28mm chambered Defender line of pistols to expand into a carbine-length version for the general market.

The MPA5700SST Defender is, in essence, a standard MAC-10 design simply dialed-in to accept 5.7x28mm ammunition, and the original pistol version, the MPA57SST introduced at the 2012 SHOT Show in January, comes with a five inch barrel, adjustable sights, a side-cocker, picatinny top rail and muzzle break (1/2×28 thread, suppressor ready), uses standard FN FiveseveN magazines, and “features all the accuracy, low recoil and performance expected from the Masterpiece Arms Defender series.” The new carbine version ups the barrel length to 16” and adds both an aluminum quadrail and a low-profile buttstock, bringing the whole firearms to just over the federal 26” standard to count as a rifle.

Despite the relatively high cost of 5.7x28mm ammunition, a cartridge pioneered by FN with their cult-favorite P90/PS90 and FiveseveN firearms, interest in the weapons has been quite solid thusfar.

Note: despite the controversy surrounding the caliber’s capabilities, 5.7x28mm ammunition sold to consumers in the U.S. does not qualify as armor-piercing (which would be illegal in a handgun) according to the ATF.

MPA MAC-10 in 9mm with Grim Reaper graphics.

In fact, ATK (American Eagle) is now offering cheaper varieties of this small-diameter super high velocity round, meaning consumers are not entirely beholden to FN’s prices for the ammunition ($26.99 per box of 50 at MidwayUSA), though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any easier to find, and a number of online retailers are out of stock.

Nevertheless, and regardless of the fact that the folding buttstock and possible options for AR-15 stocks mentioned by the company with the YouTube video have not yet been realized, these firearms have proved popular enough to warrant an upcoming release of the standard pistol version with Grim Reaper and Urban Digital Hydrographics.

Reviews of the pistol and carbine are still difficult to come by, but opinion seems to lean toward them being solid performers – comparatively unsurprising considering the MAC-10’s history of straightforward and inexpensive components and operation. The pistol version has an MSRP of $599, while the carbine retails for $795.99.  More information is available at

Images courtesy Masterpiece Arms/Laura Burgess Marketing

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