Gold Tip Shooters Continue Dominance by Winning 2012 Dakota Classic and NFAA National Unmarked 3-D Championships


Gold Tip, LLC (“Gold Tip”) shooters Tim Gillingham and Jesse Broadwater placed first and third respectively of the third leg of 3-Star Tour in Yankton, South Dakota (7/7-7/8).  While Jesse posted the high score of the first day with his Gold Tip Ultralight Pro shafts, Tim won out on the last day using his Gold Tip Kinetic shafts.  Moreover, five out of the top 10 finishers used Gold Tip arrows.

This competition draws top shooters vying for prize money and prestige over two days of shooting at three distinct distances  (40, 50 and 60 yards) with a total of 60 arrows each day being shot for score.  Known for its windy conditions, Yankton is the most accuracy-driven event on the tour, being that it is shot outdoors and at much longer distances than the other two NFAA indoor events.

One of the novelties of the Dakota Classic is the shoot-off for a car offered to all participants of the 3-Star Tour who have shot in all three events.  Shooters start at ten yards and move back five yards after each shot until a winner is decided.  Three of the final four participants were all shooting Gold Tip.  Gold Tip Staff Shooter Paul Tedford of Great Falls, MT took home the keys to a new Ford Mustang after eliminating Jesse Broadwater in the finals.  Tedford was shooting Gold Tip’s Ultralight Pro shafts.

Held in conjunction with this event is the annual NFAA National Unmarked 3-D Championships.  Participants shoot 30 targets each day for a grand total of 60 targets. Gold Tip Staff Manager Tim Gillingham and his Ultralight Pro 30X’s shafts took a commanding lead and never looked back.  Tim finished with a score of 74 up for the 60 targets and was crowned the 2012 NFAA Men’s Pro 3-D Champion.

“Tim has set state records with our recently introduced Kinetic shafts, and our shooters won various regional tournaments with Kinetics.  But, this win is significant because Tim has proven that Gold Tip’s small diameter heavy hunting shaft can win a major national tournament in difficult conditions. We are very proud of Tim’s accomplishment” said Tom Zelenovic, CEO of Gold Tip.

“I am very happy with my performance over the weekend. It is also very satisfying to see success of other Gold Tip shooters with Ultralight shafts, which are a basis for Gold Tip’s Velocity line of hunting arrows.  Gold Tip is repeatedly proving that a company with a high quality hunting DNA makes product that archery pros can dominate with in competitions” said Tim Gillingham.

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