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Brownells Supported Team Noveske Shooter’s Hot Streak Continues

Team Noveske

Team Noveske

Hot off of their recent championship efforts, Brownells-sponsored Noveske Shooting Team members Rob Romero, Jansen Jones, and Katie Harris have added yet another first-place notch in their gun belts after this past weekend’s action at the Del-Tone/Luth Gun Club in St. Cloud, MN – site of the Nordic Tactical Shotgun Championships.

Considered to be the premier tactical shotgun event in the country, the 13-stage match – held July 28-29, 2012 – required competitors to negotiate and deal with real-world obstacles/situations. These included crawling through a make-shift tunnel, climbing a two-story tower, clandestine problem solving, and carrying objects, all the while engaging a multitude of targets from awkward positions using all types of shotshells.

Top-tier teams represented included those from Benelli, Hornady, R & R Racing, Stag Arms, XRail/RCI, and many more.

After the smoke cleared, Jones repeated his last year’s top-shot performance in the Pump Division, while Romero and the 17-year-old Harris grabbed their accolades in the Tactical Division. Romero took home the top-gun overall; Harris earned the High-Junior designation.

“This competition is much more than shooting,” said Jones. “It’s about physical fitness, focus and mindset. These matches are particularly enjoyable as they require multi-tasking and are more like a real-world scenario.”

Check out the Noveske Shooting Team in action.


Image courtesy Brownells

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