Addicted to the Outdoors Highlights Quest for Missouri Mega Buck

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This week on Addicted to the Outdoors (ATTO), Jon and Gina Brunson head to Missouri to chase monster whitetails, and Jon makes good on his promise to hunt aggressively. When a week of bad weather and very little deer movement thwart his plans, Jon devises a “no-risk, no-reward” strategy that could help him tag his best buck ever. Tune in and see if Jon’s aggressive tactics pay huge dividends, or force him to eat a hearty helping of tag soup!

Show Concept

Join Jon and Gina Brunson on their reality-based outdoor show as they travel the world chasing big game. In 2007, Jon and Gina packed their six children into an RV for a Florida to South Dakota road trip and whitetail hunt. It was the first show for their newest venture, Addicted to the Outdoors,which features a revolutionary format that takes viewers along with them as they pursue all sorts of game. Choosing a name for the new show was easy, since Jon, Gina and their children are all Addicted to the Outdoors. Are they living the dream? Yes, their particular dream, where a man, his wife and their children together explore those wandering streams and forested trails of the outdoors.

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2012 Quarter 3 Weekly Show Lineup

Week 8: Kansas/Iowa whitetail doubleheader
Week 9: Florida turkey/hog/bowfishing combo
Week 10:
Africa Safari Part II
Week 11: Illinois whitetails
Week 12:
Kentucky catfish noodlin’
Week 13: Season 5 Sizzle Reel

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Wednesday 11:00 a.m. EST
Thursday 6:00 p.m. EST
Sunday 5:00 p.m. EST

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  • Heath

    This is an awesome show. Missouri is a great state for big bucks.