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Changes Made in South Dakota Muzzleloader Season and Hunter Accompaniment

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission has decided to allow the use of smokeless powder, peep sights and other optics not employing magnification during hunting seasons restricted to muzzleloading rifles.

The changes will allow muzzleloader enthusiasts to use optics such as red dot and aim points to improve their sight picture without magnification.

The Commission also decided to allow a person hunting small game with a shotgun and shotshells to accompany a licensed firearm big-game hunter in the field. However, small-game hunters who accompany big-game hunters may not use dogs.

The Commission also has voted to formalize a process allowing people to rehabilitate resident wildlife species.  The process does not include migratory birds, which are covered by federal permits. Previously, there was no process to allow rehabilitation of non-migratory animals.

Logo courtesy of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

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