Video: Police Sergeant Risks Injury to Free Moose Caught in Swing Set

A close encounter of the moose kind on Tuesday, August 7 was the closest a Weber County, Utah sheriff’s sergeant has ever been to a giant wild animal. Sergeant Lane Findlay risked serious injury by approaching the frazzled moose with bolt cutters to cut the swing’s chains, which the animal was tangled in. The swing set was in the backyard of a local residence.

Before he approached the moose, he handed his cellphone camera to a friend to record saying, “in case I die, give this to my wife.”

After a few tense moments, including trying to peacefully calm the animal down by patting its nose, the moose is finally freed. He runs near the Utah home and lays down exhausted, while Sgt. Findlay hoses him down to cool him as he waits for Utah Division of Natural Resources to arrive and assess the animal’s health.


Image screenshot of video by WeberCountySheriff on youtube

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