The Sun is reporting that Brad Pitt has taken trust in marriage to new level. He’s given his wife, who is already rumored to be a pretty great shot, a $400,000 shooting range.

While the stereotypical frying pan was enough to keep fictional husbands in line for years, there is something about giving more training to a woman who has some experience doing this (potential spoiler and bad-guys-getting-shot alert):


That will probably help keep Pitt better behaved than most.

While Jolie has enjoyed shooting for longer than she has known Pitt, they both received extensive training for Mr. and Mrs. Smith (a film about two spies who unwittingly marry each other and then end up trying to shoot each other…a lot). While preparing for the film, both Pitt and Jolie got to get some serious training with some great weapons and developed a passion for the hobby and each other – making Pitt’s gift perfectly suited for the occasion.


Kudos to Pitt for acknowledging that girls can enjoy a day on the range as much as anyone.

Image is a screenshot courtesy screamingangie11 on youtube

  • Redbarron

    Love it!

  • LoneTree, WY

    So we’re clear here… One of Hollywood’s power couples and open Obama supporters now own a gun range. And if their Messiah wins a second term and guts the 2nd Amendment, presumably they’ll still have their private range and rights. But the rest of us will be screwed. Guess we know who the 1% are… Shitbags.