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Urban Bow Hunting Gets the Go Ahead in Utah Town

Deer in photo are not from Utah

Deer in photo are not from Utah is reporting that Highland, Utah has decided to let bow hunters hunt inside its city limits.

The city council sees this as a way to combat problems the town has been having with deer on private property in the city, public parks, and, of course, roads.

Highland, Utah is about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City and has been working for over a year to get the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to adjust state law (which prohibits hunting in city limits) so that the town can employ bow hunters to help solve its deer population problems.

Under the new ordinance, Highland hunters would have to apply for a city-issued permit and then only be allowed to hunt from elevated tree stands.

State law must still be modified before any locally-endorsed urban hunting can take place. There is no word when the first permits will be issued, however any animals taken will be donated to a local food bank.

Image courtesy Andrea on Flickr

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