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Video: Live Stream of Record-breaking 120,000-foot Skydive Attempt

Photo by Jay Nemeth/Red Bull Content Pool

Photo by Jay Nemeth/Red Bull Content Pool

Anticipation for Felix Baumgartner’s monumental 23-mile high (120,000 feet) jump has been building for quite some time. He’s made several trial jumps to prepare for the final record-breaking attempt that’s tentatively scheduled for today at 7:30 AM MDT (9:30 AM EDT or 6:30 AM PDT) at the time of this writing, weather permitting. Baumgartner is expected to reach supersonic speeds during his minutes-long period of free fall. Embedded below is a live stream provided by Red Bull (the sponsor and facilitator of the jump). Check it out, and watch history be made!

Image by Jay Nemeth/Red Bull Content Pool

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