A patient 12-year-old boy has the story of a lifetime to tell following a weekend hunt last Saturday, November 3. Dylan Beach-Bittner of Motley, Minnesota took a nearly 30-point buck known around his community as the “monster buck” from a tree stand while out hunting with his step-father on his aunt’s farm roughly eight miles west of Sebeka.

Beach-Bittner saw the deer come into view about 100 yards away. He waited until the deer approached closer to the stand and turned broadside then he fired of his .270-caliber rifle and watched as the deer fell one time, got up to walk a few feet again and fell for a final time.

Beach-Bittner and his step-father came upon the animal, who was determined to be a 27-point atypical buck. “I was surprised at how big he was,” Beach-Bittner told the Brainerd Dispatch in Minnesota. “It seems like it gets bigger every time I see it,” he said. The buck weighed 229 pounds and required the help of four people to load into a truck.

The deer will be green scored and taken to a taxidermist for a full shoulder mount. Beach-Bittner’s mother, Jeannie Beach, said the American Whitetail Association has already contacted the family about showing the mount.

The video below from the Brainerd Dispatch shows the interview with Dylan Beach-Bittner after the buck, mixed in with a rhyme about a “turdy-pointer.”


Image screenshot of video by BrainerdDispatch on youtube

  • John

    Seriously? Such a beautiful animal and you disgrace him by straddling him in a photo! Shame on you. Shame on your parents Enjoy his head on your wall. You first tortured him by not getting a good shot the first time and then make a mockery out of him. What goes around comes around.

    • bill

      Congrats to the 12 year old kid. Shame on John for not realizing the true fun of the moment. There are very few (and those are very small) areas on on deer that will both drop him in his tracks and kill on contact – and most of those areas shouldn’t be aimed at (head/neck). Most people unfortunately have to track their deer atleast a little way – maybe we should congratulate Dylan for making a quick harvest – and not bragging to the world about how much he could sell it to Cabela’s for . Congrats Kid.

    • Rick

      My hat goes off to the step dad.I would like to thank him for putting a kid in a tree stand.To many kids just sit at home on the PC.How ever son you will be hunting along time before you top that one.Good luck to you and your stepfather in the years to come. Pay no attention to John he is jealous because he probably has never been hunting.His daddy give him a doll for Christmas instead of a toy gun.

      • Jacob

        good job John I like that buck I always tried to shoot one.

        Every time I see one I miss.

        My name is Jacob David warren

    • Madmax1450

      John it is pretty obvious that you do not know anything about hunting, have never been hunting and most likely do not even know how to hold a rifle or even shoot one, you probably dont even know which end the bullet comes out or even how to load one.

    • JohnHater

      John, You have some serious mental problems. I would recommend getting some psychiatric counseling.

    • Troll! Don’t feed the Troll People

      • HorseTeethSam

        Do trolls have antlers?? Just askin’…

    • HorseTeethSam

      John, you are a PETA pr*ck. Go home and play with your dolls.

    • carl from ohio

      U suck john at your views and thoughts atleast the little guy is in the outdoors have-n fun with his stepdad .which my hat goes off to for giving a child achance to go hunting .PS good luck in the years to come little man now that you are[ H F L ] hooked for life after a deer like that who would’nt be.

    • Karl

      John Shut up you tree hugging douche! Why are you even posting on here! Go cry on PETA’s website maybe someone will give you a hanky! Good job Dylan, and thank you to your step dad for teaching your son the outdoors!

    • Kerwin Hieb

      Waaa! Quit your crying and be happy for a very successful hunt!

  • Brian Greer

    Hey John sounds like u are either the neighbor landowner who had the buck on cam and now he is gone and you are back to hunting smaller bucks, or you are a player hater. Either way you are a hater! Congrats kid on an unreal buck and don’t worry about straddling him. LMAO

  • Max

    The fact that the Lad had an opportunity to hunt and shoot this magnificent Buck is a testament to his step Dad, if he did’nt straddle the buck you would not have seen him as the buck would have dwarfed him. If you listen the Buck was hit broad side in its vital organs as every hunter knows, the fact the buck fell, got up and then fell again would of been down to adrenalin. All I can say is well done to the boy for such a magnificent Example of a Buck and the the memory that will be with him for the rest of his live

  • Sherry

    Great job and well done been hunting for years and haven’t seen one close to that don’t pay any attention to people like John Can’t believe theirs people so mean and speak that way to a child the world don’t need people like that

  • wayne

    very nice buck young man i was 9 when i made my first kill it was a spike blacktail buck i’ve had about thirty kills since and the biggest a 10 point whitetail and the biggest mule deer was a 8 point as was the biggest blacktail buck nothing as awesome as what you took dont expect to get the monster every year and if you have seasons that nyou are unsucessful dont ever stop hunting its better than video games lol as for john shame on you to be so abrasive to a 12 year old you nothing but a punk why dont you come to my house and talk that way to my 12 yr old see where you land you would put your tail between your legs and run

  • Brandan

    That is a marvelous animal this young man was given the chance to harvest. I only have one complaint: setting on an animal you harvest shows disrespect for that animal. I have a great deal of respect for the animals I have had the great fortune to harvest, and I have taught my children to have the same respect for theirs. John, it is not this young man’s fault, it is his step-father’s for not teaching this young man to respect such a magnificent trophy-animal. We don’t need to bad-mouth a child, we need to teach them right from wrong. That is a grand animal, and I hope to have the chance to harvest such a marvelous creature some day.

    • Larry

      Wow!!! What a buck… Good job young man. You will always remember it…

  • awesome job lil man, very awesome indeed. and to the two people below who are giving you grief on “straddling” that buck. this kid isn’t that big and to be quite honest straddling it and lifting the head up by the antlers is the best way to do it, otherwise you wouldn’t see the proud shooter. plus i’m pretty sure that is one heavy sob to lift up. afterall it took 4 people to load it into the truck. give congrats where it’s due and it’s definitely due here.

  • HorseTeethSam

    Very cool!! I like the picture. That’s exactly how I would have posed with the deer had it been me. Great job and keep it up!

  • Mike-Wisconsin

    Dylan, Super buck. Happy for U. It’s going to be hard to out do that one. Been hunting for 50 years and have only seen 3-4 in that cal. Some people (John) are just jealous of your success. Congrats. Mike/Wisconsin

  • June

    John is not a hunter! He is here in an attempt to control the behaviors of the masses. This is what socialists and communists do. John is too dense to realize that he is simply regurgitating leftist dogma that was “spoon fed” to him either in college,by his parents, or peers. These shameful ideologues believe animals, “Have Rights.” While we as hunters respect a life that is taken in the wild, most of us have our own set of ethnics; and we don’t need people like john “policing our every move.” John intimates that this lovely child’s life will at some point be forfeited because he, “Legally Shot A Deer.” There is little question that this man has a mental disorder. “Yes,” I am a clinical psychologist. There is no need in trying to engage robots like this in meaningful dialogue. So John, take your politics back to msnbc or cnn. This is a site for “Americans.”

  • June

    Dylan, I am sorry for not extending my congrats to you on a, “Buck Of A Lifetime.” There are people who hunt a lifetime and never kill a spike buck, not to mention this “Monster Buck.” Congrats Son! Also, thanks to stepdad for being a wonderful role model. To the writer of this piece, do you know this young man personally? If so, does his friends address him as, “Beach-Bittner”? I had to retrace my steps in order to locate his first name, which is, Dylan. Why didn’t you address him this way? Using his surname comes off as disrespectful, not to mention, harsh, and rude sounding when speaking of a twelve year old!

  • Riverrat216

    Congrats for an awsome deer.Also a great story behind it.Could not have happened to a better young man.To bad idiots are allowed to leave comments about something they know nothing about.He is nothing more than a bully and Bullies are not tolorated in ANY culture,So KEEP your comments to yourself,OR better yet direct them to me.I will tell you where I live or what my Phone # is.That way I can take care of you myself…….Punk

  • Jo

    Hey John Bite me! Great job kid. Thanks to the S-dad! I’m jealous to John but why bash the boy. Go get straddled yourself! Keep on Hunting son! You make the world of HUNTING proud. That feeling you got when you walked up on Gods beautiful creature will be with you along time. Go get another one next year. Remember no drug or drink will ever make you feel like that. Study and keep the rifle clean!!!!!!! JO

  • Brandon

    Im Proud of you Buddy!!! Great Hunt! Ignore John, he has no idea what its like to have sheer joy. Enjoy that meat and the Mount, im sure you will tell your grandchildren that story one day. Makes me wanna go out there and Find me a MONSTER like that, great job

  • Dana

    It sounds like it was actually a perfect shot, if the deer goes down that quickly he bled out very fast and is a good kill. I have great respect for the strength & majesty of a buck; more than I have for many people (like John). This is a much better death for the buck that has hit his physical peak & better than growing older and possibly sick and meeting up with a wolf pack or even a winter starvation. A buck that big has many of his offspring walking the woods so the cycle continues. Harvesting the deer and spending time with your family are both good for the deer herd and your soul…