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Fifth Weekend of Montana’s Hunting Season Brings Greater Harvest


Harvest of deer and elk climbed to over 8% in the fifth weekend of hunting season compared to 5.5% the previous weekend. Staff and volunteers working at game check stations saw 1,054 hunters pass through. Most hunters harvested elk, with 13 taken in both the Madison and the Divide area. White-tailed deer and mule deer success picked up from last weekend (up from only 8 white-tailed and 6 mule deer).

Data from check stations indicate a total of 45 white-tailed deer harvested, 115 mule deer, and 264 elk taken in Region 3 through this past weekend. So far, 6,682 hunters have stopped at check stations in southwest Montana.

As a reminder, whether hunters are successful or not in harvesting an animal, they are required to stop at check stations.

Logo courtesy Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

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