Video: Russian Helicopter Pilots Save Moose from Frozen Lake

Russian helicopter pilots from the country’s Khanty-Mansi district helped save a over 600-pound moose late last month. According to The Moscow Times, a helicopter pilot from the Uralhelicom manufacturing company found the moose where it had fell through the ice. The pilot realized it was still alive when the animal was able to feebly move her head.  The pilot quickly flew back to base and enlisted the help of two colleagues in rescuing the moose. It took the three men nearly a half hour to drag the frozen animal from the lake with heavy duty ropes and harnesses. The moose was stiff from being in the icy water for hours and they spent another hour massaging and warming the animal.  Eventually the moose was able to leave under its own power, relieved and just a little shaken.

Watch the rescue below. Music is included.

Image screenshot of video by Андрей Мерзляков on youtube

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