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West Virginia Trout Stocking Week of March 4-8


The following waters were stocked the week of March 8, 2013:

  • Anthony Creek
  • Barboursville Lake
  • Bear Rocks Lake
  • Bullskin Run
  • Cacapon Park Lake
  • Cherry River
  • Clear Fork of Guyandotte River
  • Clear Fork of Guyandotte River (Catch & Release)
  • Coonskin Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Deer Creek (Nicholas)
  • Dog Run Lake
  • Dry Fork (Randolph, Tucker)
  • Dunloup Creek
  • Elk River
  • Evitts Run
  • Fall Run
  • French Creek Pond
  • Gandy Creek
  • Hills Creek
  • Hopkins Fork
  • Horseshoe Run
  • Huey Lake
  • Jimmy Lewis Lake
  • Kanawha State Forest Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Knapps Creek
  • Larenim Lake
  • Laurel Creek of Cherry River (Greenbrier, Nicholas)
  • Left Fork of Holly River
  • Logan County Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Lost River
  • Mason Lake
  • Meadow Creek of Anthony Creek (Greenbrier)
  • Meadow Creek of New River (Summers)
  • Middle Creek
  • Milligan Creek
  • Mill Creek of Opequon Creek
  • Mill Creek Reservoir
  • Millers Fork Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Moores Run
  • New Creek
  • North Fork of Anthony Creek
  • North Fork of Cherry River
  • North Fork of Fishing Creek
  • North Fork of Lunice
  • North Fork of Patterson Creek
  • North Fork of South Branch
  • North River
  • Opequon Creek
  • Paint Creek
  • Paint Creek (Catch & Release)
  • Pinnacle Creek (upper and lower sections)
  • Pipestem Lake
  • Pond Fork
  • Raleigh County Airport Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Red Creek
  • Ridenour Lake
  • Rocky Marsh Run
  • Rollins Lake
  • Shavers Fork (Bemis)
  • Shavers Fork (lower section)
  • South Branch (Franklin)
  • South Branch (Smoke Hole)
  • South Fork of Fishing Creek
  • South Mill Creek Lake
  • Teter Creek Lake
  • Thomas Park Lake
  • Tilhance Creek
  • Trout Run
  • Tuckahoe Lake
  • Tuscarora Creek
  • Tygart Valley River Headwaters (Randolph)
  • Underwood Lake (Children & Class Q)
  • Waites Run
  • Warden Lake
  • Watoga Lake
  • Wheeling Creek

Logo courtesy West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

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