A trail camera captured this strange scene of two deer running from something just out of sight. The less we say the better.

Image screenshot of video by Mullet Over on LiveLeak

  • Irons

    Have seen similar while sitting in a tree stand. Then on the following morning, a nice buck was coming in and when it got to where the cat had crossed it’s path, it turned and went back in the other direction. Cost me a nice bow shot as it was about 75 yards out when it turned back.

    • lr

      I’m glad it saved the deer’s life.

  • Donald Tanner

    dead cat!

  • Sun City Dude

    I was in a tree stand deer hunting years ago and watching a farm cat mousing in the hay field below.The cat snuggled down in the grass to wait.About this time,a small doe comes out of the timber and up behind the cat.She sticks her nose at the cat’s butt to check it out.I swear,that cat went 3-4 feet straight up into the air and did a 180º before landing.I almost fell out of the stand laughing so hard.

  • LouieF

    I have watched deer do the same thing in my backyard. Sometimes, they go after the cat, and the whole episode is quite fun to watch.

  • RF

    Got to watch out for those wildcats!!!

  • RPJ

    Awesome :>)

  • Old dog

    Very nervous deer, or one ambitous cat.

  • maybe cat thought it was a giant mouse! ha,ha

  • cat hater

    Kill all cats running around in the woods