Daniel Defense, a Georgia-based firearms manufacturer, was recently blocked in a bid to air a commercial on Fox during the 2014 NFL Super Bowl XLVIII. According to Fox Nation, the rejection was due to a strict set of rules that advertising officials had set for the firearms category.

The commercial by Daniel Defense can be seen below:

Guns & Ammo reported that NFL rules prohibit firearms and ammunition from being shown in commercials, although companies that sell either can still air commercials selling other products, granted they do not mention firearms or ammunition. Interestingly, commercials for films or video games featuring firearms can still be seen.

In the commercial, Daniel Defense did not display any firearms, with the exception of the rifle in its logo. Despite the gun maker offering to replace their logo with an American flag, the denial remained final. Strangely, Daniel Defense ran similar commercials in its native Georgia with the NFL in past with no such issues.

Popular firearms issue commentator Colion Noir released a video response to the incident, embedded below (skip forward through the commercial if you have already seen it above).

Image screenshot of video by DanielDefense on YouTube

  • Henry St-pierre

    That is exactly that, and I know what Iam talking about. I live in Canada where many do gooders consider you as a danger because you own firearms and use them to practice a legitt sport of hunting or an olympic sport like target shooting.

  • fliteking

    Netflix here I come! Ef the NFL.

  • Michael Torres

    He has a VERY GOOD point!!!

  • Diane Ryan

    Our home is an NFL-Free Zone. And my family is protected from thugs such as those the NFS idolizes. Patriots such as Daniel Defense are what built this nation and they will do it AGAIN.

  • Deryk

    NFL is pretty much thugs and idiots. I have always despised them and what they stand for. I’m always awed when kids mention football players as heroes. I will never understand it.

  • nfafan

    The whole NFL thing is old news in the 2A world – eff ’em all. Stopped watching years ago, and I certainly won’t buy “NFL licensed” crap or ever attend an NFL game.
    Especially eff the Obamanoidal Rooney and his Yinzburgh Stillers.