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Video: Fox Plays Angler to Pull in Massive Catfish

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Foxes have an age-old reputation for cunning and intelligence, and if this video is any proof, those claims are well deserved. One Lithuanian cameraman managed to capture footage of a fox attempting to pull in a huge catfish by rope. It doesn’t take long for the fox to realize that the fish is attached to the rope, and was results is a strange tug-of-war between the two animals. While the odds are stacked against it, the sly creature isn’t keen on giving up. Will the fox succeed in pulling in its fishy buffet? Watch the video below to find out.

Image screenshot of video by Rimvydas B on YouTube

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  • Gary Delcourt

    That fish has obviously been tired to the point of exhaustion from being caught by a fisherman who tied it to a rope. If that was a “fresh” catfish it would have yanked the fox in and had it for a snack.