It’s typical for enthusiastic Christmas decorators to showcase Santa Claus and his reindeer, but one Ohio resident decided to show jolly Saint Nicholas hunting whitetails instead. While the spectacle is anything but ordinary, reported that Pastaskala homeowner Matt Stuller received nothing but praise.

“It’s for the hunter that can appreciate a little humor,” said Stuller. “People drive by and come back and even take pictures.”

Using hundreds of lights, Stuller’s front lawn is now a dazzling display of prancing deer and flying arrows—simulated with flashing lights, of course. A plywood Santa and another hunter sit up in Stuller’s tree and aim their bows while a lighted snowman idles nearby. It is an idea that Stuller, an avid bowhunter, has been building up for the past three years.

“You can’t have the same old theme as everyone else,” Stuller told “It would be boring.”

The hunter estimated that it takes about two weeks for him to set up the display. You can see a video of Stuller’s creation below:

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  • Bill Harbaugh

    How long till this comes down?

  • HadToFindAlternateRoute

    This display of lights is borderline tasteless. For someone who “loves” Christmas, why would you slaughter Santa’s reindeer? Why would Santa hunt in his Santa outfit? Or take his sleigh out to go hunt deer? The mass carnage is over the top, and while your child who grows up with deer hunting as a part of her life enjoys this, many children who do not experience hunting find this upsetting. So much so that my daughter cries when she sees the display, forcing us to find an alternate route home. Not to mention, my 3-year old was worried that Santa wouldn’t be coming because all his deer were dead.

    So great job on trying to ruin Christmas for children of families who don’t hunt. Maybe next year you can use some class when coming up with your design idea, and not so much carnage. If you want carnage, decorate for Halloween so the Dead Acres attendees can enjoy the deer massacre on the way by.

    • TommyKnockerz

      Wow, you are truly an idiot and if you can’t explain to your kid that these ARE LIGHTS then you may want to have your kids I.Q. checked too because I suspect she’s an idiot too. I guess this answers the age old question of nature vs. nurture. There is one aspect to this that I am just racking my brain to figure out; “why would Santa hunt in his Santa outfit?” REALLY????? I don’t even know how to respond to that. I mean, is there any response to something so stupid???? I guess I’d have to rip out 2/3 of my brain to find any rationality in this question. Again I say, THESE ARE ONLY LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would think an adult wouldn’t need this explained to him but then again, I guess there is just no limit to human stupidity or is it just ignorance? Oh well, there goes another 10 minutes of my life I will never get back.

    • Timothy O Haggerty

      Go hug a tree and keep the retardedness down to a minimum


    Creative! Thanks for the ideas.

  • Seth Fairchild

    I LOVE THIS!!!