Video: 73-year-old Man Punches Bear in the Face to Save Pet Dog


A 73-year-old former Marine, former boxer, and California native took dramatic steps to protect his pet chihuahua earlier this week. The incident began when Carl Moore heard his dog barking unusually in his back yard.

When he walked out to check on his pet, he saw a black bear trying get around a gate in his yard. Mr. Moore raised his hands and started to yell, which startled the bear, but this former boxer wanted to make sure the bear did not return to his property.

He chased after the bear which, according to witnesses, rose up on its hind legs as he approached. That’s when Moore hit the bear with a right hook. Luckily the punch was enough to scare the bear off and no one was seriously harmed.

Mr. Moore later told police and wildlife officials that the bear had been eating his chickens and he was certain it would try to eat his dogs as well. Officials told him that he could get a permit to shoot the bear, but he declined. He said he only wanted to scare it off.

Watch a video report on the incident below, in which Moore describes how he “never faced anything in my life that I didn’t figure I can whip.”

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