Video: Ravens Attack Bear Climbing Electric Tower to Eat Their Eggs


How far will one bear go for some scrambled eggs? If they’re hungry enough, they sky’s the limit—literally. This brave bear apparently decided to climb a massive electric tower just to pilfer some eggs from what appeared to be a raven’s nest. The encounter was photographed by Mossberg’s Director of Media Relations, Linda Powell, during a wood bison hunt in Alberta last week. Commenters who saw the pictures were initially skeptical, with many musing that the photos were just clever Photoshop trickery. Mossberg quickly dispelled those rumors with a video recording.

“Sorry to burst the conspiracy bubble….they’re real,” the gun maker wrote on Facebook.

Continuing the story from yesterday, here is video of the bear atop the electric tower, raiding a bird’s nest that. The video was captured by our Director of Media Relations, Linda Powell during a wood bison hunt in Alberta, Canada last week. She witnessed the bear ascend and descend unharmed. Pretty incredible stuff.

Posted by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The bear’s trip up the tower was not completely uneventful. In the video below you can see two ravens pecking away at the bruin as it rummages through their nest. Unfortunately for the birds, their efforts had little effect on the bear. It ate what it could from the nest and safely descended back to the ground. While it may not be the most efficient meal based on the energy expended and calories consumed, this bear was certainly licking its lips all the way down.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

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