Video: Sacred Japanese Deer Screams Bloody Murder


This video goes from zero to 100 really quick.

Sika deer in the city of Nara, Japan have a reputation for being friendly—if a little pushy—and are a popular tourist attraction due to their habit of “bowing” for food. It is a behavior that they seemed to have picked up from humans and it’s likely that if you approach one of these roving herds with food, they’ll “politely” hound you down until your hands are empty.

A group of English-speaking tourists were approached by this deer, which began to whine innocently enough. What followed, however, will either send chills down your spine or make you burst out in laughter.

Not exactly behavior one would expect from a sacred animal. Then again, the Nara deer had their divinity revoked a few years back, so they might still be a bit sore about that.

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