Meet the Mollusc, an Innovative Tent That Can Fold Up in Seconds


Tents are great for keeping out rain, wind, or snow, but if you want to enjoy a little sunshine you need to step outside. That’s the problem that the Mollusc tent was designed to solve.

According to its creator, the Mollusc is the only tent in the world that can fully open and close in three seconds. The tent is designed so that you can quickly and easily open and close the entire tent based on weather conditions. When it’s hot you can cool down. If it gets windy and rainy, you can simply draw the canopy over and be secure and water-tight.

The Mollusc tent is fairly large at nine feet tall and 18 feet across, but it folds up into an easy-to-transport package.

Right now the Mollusc is rather expensive at more than $600, but according to its creator that’s why he started a Kickstarter campaign. The money raised from the campaign will be invested into mass production, which should drive the price down significantly.

You can check out the promotional video for the Mollusc below. Would you buy this tent?

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