Photos: Shed Hunt Turns into Massive Mountain Lion Harvest


Wow. We actually had to do a double take just to make sure that this wasn’t a lion in Africa. Have you ever seen a cougar so huge? This massive cat was reportedly harvested by a shed hunter and his son in northern Arizona in the Navajo Nation. The pair presumably noticed the large cat, called it in, and shot it at about 15 yards.

While we are still trying to confirm the details behind this hunt, there is no doubt that this is one big kitty. What do you think?

Traditionally the Navajo have great reverence for the mountain lion, which they call Náshdóítsoh. Known as a silent and deadly hunter, the Navajo nevertheless see the cougar as a protector, and occasionally as a provider since mountain lions would sometimes leave kills behind that could be scavenged. Today, the Navajo Fish and Wildlife Department issues permits for hunters to take mountain lions in order to control the cat’s population. It should be noted that even while mountain lion permits are highly coveted, hunters still have the utmost respect for this powerful predator.

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