Video: How Do Razor Clams Dig?


Yesterday we shared a video of a man digging for razor clams, which turned out to be very popular, and many of our readers had a question: just how do clams dig? Razor clams (which is not a taxonomic classification, but simply an umbrella term for burrowing mollusks) are remarkably effective at burrowing. Some species, such as the Atlantic jackknife, can actually dig faster than a human without the aid of tools. A traditional way of catching these fast little critters is to pour a salty solution down the breathing hole, which causes the clam to come back to the surface where they can easily be scooped up.

Whether its the Atlantic jackknife or the Pacific razor, these clams are highly coveted for their sweet and tender meat. For many clam diggers, the promise of a succulent clam dinner is well worth going out to the beach in their high boots.


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