Video: Australian Politician Makes Stand for Gun Rights


Shots fired! Australian Senator Ricky Muir recently shared a video of himself making an impassioned plea for gun rights, specifically on the issue of 12 gauge lever-action shotguns. Australia is already well known for its tough stance on gun control, especially after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. The most recent issue in the gun control debate is regarding lever-action shotguns, which some activists believe should be more heavily restricted. According to Muir, there is a strong misrepresentation of lever-action firearms. Some activists even believe that the technology was newly developed to circumvent Australia’s laws on restricted guns. Of course, lever-action firearms have been around for much longer than that, and Muir seeks to clarify some points regarding the firearms in his video.

“There have been many myths spread in relation to this specific firearm which have been used to push a certain ideology,” Muir wrote on Facebook. “I accept and respect that there are many people in the community who are not firearm owners and have no interest in them. But to spread fear and misinformation to push an agenda is downright disgraceful.”

Muir then goes on to give a detailed summary on lever-action shotguns.

“It does not have magic powers, it does not take any special cartridge and it is not manufactured any different to any other 12-gauge shotgun on the market,” Muir said.

You can watch the video in its entirety below:


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