Arrested: Michigan Man with Gun, Marijuana and Box of Live Squirrels


A man from Kimball, Michigan, was arrested earlier this month after a police search of his vehicle turned up a stolen firearm, drugs, and strangely enough, a box of live baby squirrels.

According to ClickOnDetroit, convicted felon Ian Breiholz was questioned and arrested on May 10 after he was seen rummaging through a CVS dumpster in Chesterfield Township. Police say he has since been charged with concealing a stolen firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and improperly transporting marijuana. It is not known if he will be facing wildlife charges as well.

“The squirrels were turned over to the animal control department of Macomb County,” Chesterfield Township Police Chief Brad Kersten told Fox 2. “And the last we checked, they were going to be released.”

So what was a convicted felon doing with a box full of squirrels? From his testimony to police, it appears Breiholz had been taking care of the animals as pets. Kersten said Breiholz found the squirrels one day while going through garbage. He captured the critters, placed them inside a cardboard box, and appear to have been caring for them inside his car. Not exactly the best environment for a bunch of squirrels, but Kersten says he suspects no nefarious intentions behind it.

The squirrels were inspected by animal control and scheduled for release back into the wild. Breiholz, however, will be out on bond waiting for his court date later this month.

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