Video: Bobcat Climbs Hunter’s Treestand


When most hunters think of unwanted company in a treestand, they think of squirrels. However, how would you react to a bobcat trying to cuddle up to you during hunting season? It seems that despite all their camouflage, some hunters just happen to attract the wrong kind of wildlife while sitting on their treestand. Bears are perhaps the most notorious culprits, and among the most dangerous, too. A decent-sized black bear on your tree could spell a quick and painful end to your chances of bagging a deer this season. Thankfully, black bears rarely confront humans if they can avoid it.

The same could be said of bobcats, but the felines are arguably more stubborn. There have been numerous cases of these small but sharp-clawed predators attacking hunters in the wild. The majority of these cases are due to some misunderstanding or another, such as the bobcat being lured in by a turkey decoy. But make no mistake, these felines are nothing like your housecat. A bobcat within striking distance of your face is not a good situation.

That’s why this hunter was quick to let the bobcat know he was there. In many cases, letting wildlife know your exact location is more than enough for them to turn tail and run. If you don’t, you run the risk of turning from hunter into hunted.

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