Video: Man Uses Drone to Grill Steak


When fixing dinner, it is important to have options. Sometimes what you need is the right set of utensils to get the job done, especially when grilling. One tool every barbeque enthusiast should add to their stash is . . . a drone?

If you ask David Freiheit, a drone is a vital component as far as a meal prepared outdoors is concerned. By affixing some steak to your drone via wire, you can sit back and relax, flipping your food from afar while the drone does all the work. Of course, it helps to be a semi-skilled drone operator, but even if you aren’t, a little dirt in your dinner never hurt anyone.

Despite dreary weather this past Canada Day, Freiheit and his drone were able to successfully come away with an edible meal. Strategic lowering of steak onto the grill followed by a well-timed flip yielded what is deemed a “delicious success” despite a need for steak spice.

Granted, you could just use tongs or a spatula to prepare dinner, but what fun is that?

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