Officials Claiming Tannerite Was Used in NY, NJ Bombings


New York City authorities are claiming that the IED explosion in Chelsea, New York, contained a common and legal substance known as Tannerite.

Made up of a mixture of high-grade ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder that is sold separately and then mixed on-site just before use, Tannerite can only be detonated by a high-velocity bullet.

Tannerite is very popular and often used in target practice to mark a shot with a cloud of smoke and small explosion. Although Tannerite is very stable, it is not to be played with, as discovered by the guy in a recent OutdoorHub article who severed his leg shooting his lawnmower full of Tannerite.

It’s important to note here that Tannerite can’t be detonated using methods such as a fuse, an electrical current (such as a cellphone), or any low-velocity handgun bullet moving less than 2,000 fps. The big one in there was cell phones, as both recent bombings used cell phones as detonators.

With all this being known about Tannerite, it’s odd that officials would believe this highly stable substance was used in the recent explosion. Or is this just a way that Democrat politicians are attempting to get this substance banned?

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