First Look: The Brand New Hudson H9 is a Striker Fired 1911


Today Hudson Mfg introduced the revolutionary H9 striker fired 1911 style pistol. A pistol born to change and improve the way pistols are built.

We live in a rapidly evolving world, yet pistols have remained relatively unchanged for the better half of a century. At Hudson, they see this as an opportunity to make not just a new pistol, but a better pistol. Every detail and every feature of the new Hudson H9 is made with a purpose and driven towards one goal: to make a pistol that is practical for carry, and advanced by design.

Hudson states on their website:

“Elegant simplicity and cutting-edge design unite in a stunning example of modern weaponry. With a distinct focus on the needs of the shooter the all new Hudson H9 is not simply a new contender in the firearms industry, with 7 patents pending, it is a pistol that is engineered to advance.”


New Hudson H9

Overall Length 7.625 in
Overall Height 5.225 in (no mag)
Overall Width (No Thumb Safties) 1.23 in
Barrel Length 4.28 in
Weight Unloaded 34.0 oz (No Mag) / 36.5 oz (Empty Mag)
Weight Loaded 42.6 oz
Trigger Pull Weight 4.5-6.0 lbs
Trigger Travel .115 in
Mag Capacity 15 rnd
Sight Radius 6.26 in

Everyone know’s the trigger can make or break a firearm, so why not have the best? The well-tuned 1911 style trigger found on the Hudson H9 offers exactly that. The patent pending integral trigger safety is engaged instinctively and doesn’t take away from the smooth straight pull trigger that allows the shooter steadier and more consistent follow-up shots.

Hudson really hit the nail on the head with this one. Everything they promise is right here in the new H9. Now we just need to wait to see how much it costs.

Visit the Hudson website for more details and specs on their new handgun, which will be available in Q2.

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